About Mylo

Mylo Solutions helps Global 2000 organizations and Non Profits manage and monetize their Training Programs, Events and Conferences – all from a single, affordable, easy-to-use, self-service platform.

Mylo’s flagship Cloud-based product, MyloTEAM™ – Training and Events Administration and Management – is the most sophisticated and leading edge end-to-end solution that facilitates a quantum leap forward for those involved in managing training programs, events, or conferences. The sheer simplicity, ease of use and sophistication of MyloTEAM improves team productivity dramatically, reduces administrative costs, simplifies program management and provides unmatched financial reporting and analytics tools to help track the ROI and maximize the profitability of every training program or conference.

MyloTEAM is a highly configurable SaaS platform that is optimized for Training Program Management, Certification and Reporting – making it ideal for all types of corporations and organizations engaged in internal or external training, using onsite, online, or a mixture, for training delivery. In addition, MyloTEAM’s wide variety of 3rd Party Connectors enables organizations to standardize and integrate student/attendee and financial data with the organization’s CRM, Financial, ERP, Webinar-type online systems and LMS systems. These capabilities make MyloTEAM a true Enterprise-class solution. Contact us today, call (888) 695-9310 or email info@mylosolutions.com

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