With MyloTEAM, Your Registration and Payment Data Is Secure


The MyloTEAM platform lives on fully redundant, distributed, state-of-the-art servers that are managed by Mylo for >99.99% availability. Mylo manages the system for maximum uptime and data availability – so you don’t have to worry your data being safe. Mylo manages its own backup and Disaster Recovery routines across multiple global regions to ensure the greatest data safety and availability.

Our Priority is the Security of Your Data

  • As long as you keep your account active all your data remains online
  • Credit card information is secure via Mylo’s PCI DSS compliant platform
  • Personal data is secured via strong platform and database security protocols
  • TRUSTe-approved and monitored privacy policy
  • Strongest data encryption is used
  • Transactions are checked for compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard validated by Trustwave’s TrustKeeper
  • Real-time virus scanning always running
  • Redundant and secure Cloud-based systems guarantee extremely reliable system availability

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